Idea for a Mapping Contest

So I have an idea for a contest. You know how Half Life 2 takes place in Europe?

Well, let’s say, theoretically, that the **Resonance Cascade **(The Black Mesa Incident) occured around, oh, let’s say 2013. So Half Life 2 takes place 20 years after that.

Well, what is America (Or any other modern place) like now? We’re high tech, we’re up to date, and we’re on our way to what we hope is a successful future. Therefore, our technology should be a little better by 2013. So I ask, and here’s the Contest theme, How would the Resonance Cascade affect life in a modern area? IE, Today’s Suburbs, Cities, public monuments & things,and even rural areas like Bike Paths, Public Railways, Subways & Highways.

And how would the Combine ration the citizens in smaller cities and towns?

So I guess someone could base a contest on that whole idea if they’d like. I think it’s a neat idea, seeing as how people make RP maps all the time, but they’re always new and modern, and if they’re not new and modern, then they’re just abandoned or very worn out buildings. What if we were to say that all our modern society’s achievements were stuck on the Combine’s “That’s just super but I don’t care” refrigerator like grade school macaroni art.

Also, I made a banner. (Updated a while after posting, I spelled something wrong.)

Anyway, tell me what you think.

So basically modern-themed map that has been recently taken over by combine?

Sounds neat.

Sounds like a good idea.

I would suggest waiting until some of the other competitions die down a little bit.

You spelled “society” wrong

I would :v:

I’ll go fix that.

Yeah, that’s why I only pitched the idea. That, and I don’t want to put it together because I know the Trains & Rails contest is going on.


Redid the banner because I can’t spell.

The resonance cascade is not necessarily the black mesa incidence. It’s anything that changes the world so much so fast that looking through it either way you do not recognize life before/after the incidence.
I think I would be fun to not have it have to be the combine taking over but could be something else.

But I meant the Black Mesa incident. But the Combine was around that too, so that’d work too

Time to clear canon up.

Half-Life happened in 2003. From there to 2010, portal storms occur time to time and xen wildlife starts to appear all over Earth. In 2010, the Seven Hour War occurs. Half-Life 2 takes place in 2020.

Also, because of Portal storms, to my knowledge, people started abandoning the countryside and move to fortified cities even before the Combine arrived. That’d be interesting to see.

So what’s between 2003 and 2010?

What would the world look like?

I guess that’s what I’m after.

Also, if HL2 takes place in Europe, everybody speaking in straight English (American) accents doesn’t make very much sense, but I’m not about to do anything about it.

please don’t start this again :confused:

It’s like in Stargate, its another galaxy (Pegasus) yet they all speak fluent American-English.

Bad idea

With the amazing shit I see every day I think this would come out good.

Mappers learn over time that boring blocks of combine-textures are crab. You must use a combine-themed structure, not just a block with a texture. Play half-life 2, look at how Valve has made the Combine’s architecture. Get familiar with it and try to replicate new things using that style. :v:

Combine architecture is something I suck very much at.

So this has been brought up before? Where? :v:

How very helpful, thank you.

So about this idea, I’m too worried I’d mess it up to make it into an actual contest, so if someone wants to take this idea and put it into action be my guest.