Idea for a new breed of rp

I was reading the topics on the roleplaying section when I found this post

This type of rp would be a good idea. You would have to focus on surviving in a dangerous area as well as focussing on your life. I am not planning on buying a server but if you are looking to make a new rp server, and want a creative roleplay, this is the perfect thing.

Also, does anyone know the IP of the server that the guy in the post went on?

Umm… That’s just DarkRP with meteors and zombies turned on. Not sure if they’ve been removed, though.

Why not replace the dark rp gamemode with something else then?

Eh? I just said that this can be done without any significant work…

That’s just DarkRP with some bullshit added that doesn’t add to RP.

It’d be good, for you. But judging by your previous post you are one of the worst roleplayers known to mankind, so it just wouldn’t be good for anyone else. I personally would love to see a RP set in almost the exact same storyline as a game such as Fallout 3, all the weapons the same, etc. Factions humans ghouls, that kind of crap), civilizations accurate to their FO3 counterpart. I don’t know why but I have a feeling that would work well as a RP (so long as leveling is kept out of it, and there is some structure to how the economies and scavenging works so it isn’t mindless killing).

I have a feeling it already exists…but this feeling also tells me it’s not too good either.

Zombie apoclyapse RP. Dunno if this is what you’re looking for.