Idea for a New Game-mode

Current idea for title: “Team Survival wars”

Big Idea = Big Concept.

Remember to read all the details! (and parentheses)

Main Idea: The main idea of this game-mode would be two teams trying to survive longer than each other in a zombie and/or antlion infested environment, with limited resources

Rules: When the game first starts, Each team has 7 minutes to construct a base out of a large selection of props and tools. The Purpose of building the base is (not only to protect the players) but to protect a “resource box” that would be a requirement for each team to put down before the 7 minute timer is finished counting down. Aside from regular tools, (and depending on the server’s addons) Teams would also be able to use assets like wire-mod to build traps and defences (auto turret anyone?). After the 7 minute timer reaches zero, the first “round” would start and the map would be populated with a variety of zombies and/or antlions, attracted to each teams base by the resource box that was necessary to put down inside that base. Each “round” would have a timer showing how long until it would be over, after the round, the enemies on the map would no longer respawn, keeping the current enemies within a certain radius of each teams resource box, and deleting the rest. After a round, players would be given a 3-5 minute break to collect resources (covered later) and prepare for the next round. The game would continue until one (or both) Teams has been completely eliminated, or the resource box of a team has been destroyed.

Resources: The resource mechanic would make it so that rather than players regenerating health and ammo after each round, players must explore the world to find randomly placed resources scattered about the map. the resources would be Ammunition, Health, and Building supplies. (while health and ammunition are self explanatory) The building supplies resource would make it so that every time a player spawns something or uses any kind of tool, it would drain the building supplies resource by a set amount. When any resource reaches zero, the team with the depleted resource can no longer use that resource until more is collected.

Interacting with other teams: Even though the game is based around one team being eliminated, teams are not forced to attack or be hostile towards one and other, they can make alliances and try to survive as long as they can, or fight each other while fighting off zombies at the same time, its the player’s choice, RP? DM? ZS?.

Important Details:

1.When a player is ready to spawn or respawn they are given a choice of counter strike and half life 2 weapons, each player must choose a sidearm and a primary weapon to place in their load-out before spawning (with the addition of the gravity gun, and phys and tool gun depending on whether the round has started or not), when a player has waited until the round is over (and endoured a spectator cam, game statistics, and “tips”) they can respawn somewhere near their team’s resource box (or the enemy teams box if they choose to change sides while dead, which would be the only time that would be allowed) but, there would be a catch, when a player respawns they drain a little of all of there team’s resources (health ammo and building supplies), the amount depending on the player’s weapon choice. If a team does not have enough resources for a spawning player, they can’t respwan. This would FORCE players to search for resources.

  1. when a resource box is put down, members of that team gain the ability to see their teams resources (in percents or units) in all three categories (on their HUD).

  2. If the first round starts and a team doesn’t have a resource box put down, that team automatically loses.

4 Players interact with their team’s resource box by pressing their use key while next to it, when they do so, a menu would come up asking them if they want to take health or ammo (building supplies being an open resource), and how much.

  1. If a player comes within a certain distance of the enemy teams resource box, they can steal resources by pressing their use key and accessing a similar menu to the friendly resource box, the team being stolen from would not be notified. (a little espionage action?)

  2. A player can collect a resource in two ways, small resources can be collected by pressing use on them and putting them in a “pocket” inventory, OR large resources can be collected by carrying them with the gravity gun, or by contraption (ex: car, helicopter etc.) Resources must be brought to the resource box before they count as collected and become usable.

7.Each round resources respawn and are placed in different places around the map

  1. When a round starts, the player’s phys gun and toolgun are taken away, and all phys gun freezes are undone.

  2. Props can only be placed within a certain radius of the player

  3. constraints can only be created within a certain distance of an object

  4. Each resource has two different models for large and small (the following are some ideas using HL2 models) for AMMO: Large ammo could be the large metal pistol ammo box (not the openable one.) Small ammo could be shotgun shell box. HEALTH: Large could be the medkit, small could be the health_vital tube. SUPPLIES: Large could be Helicopter bomb small could be a toolbox (i don’t know if there is one i just assume so)

  5. Health resource can not be used on the spot

  6. This gamemode is meant for large maps, and it was inspired by gm_bigcity

That was a lot huh?

If you like my idea please PM me or add me on steam, my ID is aaagamer (the same as my facpunch account) ANY help at all is gladly accepted, derma, coding, ideas etc. Thank you for reading this!!!

too… many… words…
I’ll read later…

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Looks like a cool gamemode, like a combo of GMStranded, OSE and a team base game(Cant think of one sutable at the mo)

Sorry cant help, best thing i can make for this gamemode is a map that can spawn zombies at difrent times.

Why does everything have to be zombies

Would you rather it be with Gmen? but then nobody would take me seriously :slight_smile:

So… what’s stopping me from using an igniter and a crowbar to kill all the zombies? What’s stopping me from just jumping over the zombies and destroying the enemy’s resource box?

I like the idea of antlions, i think they are more threatening then zombies anyway.
You could do it all L4D style and have the guard come charging in occasionaly like the tank.

Nothing is stopping you from using those tools, just remember that every time you do it counts as a resource use, and that the enemy base contains enemy playes, who will shoot you i you try to destroy their stuff, plus im not saying that all tools would be available, im saying most.

So I assume you’re going to have to limit the following tools:

Prop Spawner
Wired Explosive
Wired Explosive (Simple)
Wired Igniter
Wired Forcer

…Just to name a few.

well, not necessarily, those are really good for killing zombies, and i don’t like limiting creativity so, i would probably want it so wire would take up a lot of resources, but regular dynamite and the regular igniter might want to be knocked off… also, Is anybody going to help me out with this?

one problem with this is if the players respawn in 30 seconds how can the whole team be eliminated in order to win?

Maybe there could be a respawn add as your other teammates die, so if your at 30, and another teamate dies your time goes to 60


And I really need help or this game-mode will NOT happen!

maybe at the break the team with the least player deaths win

Thats a really good idea, but my biggest problem right now is finding someone who can help me code all this!

I think that incorporating some sort of resource-limitation system into wire is beyond mine (and maybe others) capabilities. I mean, I don’t see how you could stop someone from just making a wire explosive and running around with it blowing up everything in sight.

well you can do it in darkrp so it should be possible but it will need coders to set it up in a new game mode.
Does anyone know a friend or someone who you could as to do this?

Looks like a cool idea.

I like that you are being very original with this; Not just another attempt at satisfying our deep-down crave for a 28 days later or dawn of the dead style zombie holocaust! ( Or at least mine :smiley: )

I’d help ( As i am a lua coder, co-leader of SWO; if you want to check it out =P ), But i am a little busy at the moment. Hell, depending what you plan for it, it may not actually be that hard ; )

Wish you luck, and when i have some spare time ( After Core 4 of SWO ), assuming you still need help - im here!


i guess i could help. i havn’t ever scripted a gamemode before but perhaps if we had a whole team it would help me to learn better. i like the general idea but there are a few things that could probably be tweaked.

if you want me, i’m in.

I’m glad some people are offering a helping hand, hopefully some progress can be made with this project soon!

i can help im new to lua but can script sweps and npcs and stuff like gamemodes quite well