Idea For A New RP Game Mod

I have an idea for a new sort of RP in Garry’s MOD Although i have no idea how to make it.
I believe rp has become boring on Garry’s MOD, when i play all i do is sit around and wait to
make money. I was wondering if this is possible to do and if anybody would like to help me do it.
i want to make mod that is hands on and more realistic then current mods that are out. But me not knowing how to go about doing any of this i would need help.


Drug Dealer

Drug dealer would have to press the requested buttons or move the mouse as told on the screen. In return some drugs would be sorted into a bag for them to sell.

There would be levels of drug dealers much like in real life where you have levels in the work space based on the amount they play or how much they sell.

Maybe even something where higher level dealers deal to the lower level.


People who would want to be a chef would start out at say a fast food restaurant cooking burgers.
It would be hands on where you would flip your burger with movements of the mouse and if done right you will create food to sell.
People would work together one person would be a cashier one person would flip burgers.
Based on how much you sell and how much you do you will be rewarded with money and promotions through the job.

Police wont just run around and arrest people for no reason they will do paperwork, have jail duty, patrol and more.

Again it will be hands on and money and promotions will be rewarded as you do your work and how many arrests etc.

Crazies… Murders… Hit-men?
Murders will be rewarded with money based on how many people they kill and killing people will not be easy. It will be easier for police too catch a suspect because they will get the chance to chase them by being Ported to the location of the murder soon after it happens. The murder will have to run and hide from police much like real life but the rewards will be much higher for the killer because it will be very difficult too evade the police. If caught they will be sentenced and put in jail by police.

Killers will not have guns they will use blunt weapons such as a baseball bat or weapons such as a knife.

There also may be hit men which will be called upon by the residents in secret to kill another player for a large sum of money.

Again advancements will be based on kills and money will be based on kills plus a bonus for the time it takes to evade the police.

More Jobs too come if this is at all possible.


Private Homes
If possible there would be private homes that player can buy but these homes will be teleported to and would not be a part of the main map. So anyone can have there own house which would solve any problems people had with not being able to own the building they wanted in previous mods ( i have no idea if this is possible ).

When you would own a house you would have to clean it cook food brush your teeth etc. All will be controlled by movements with the mouse or buttons on the keyboard. But you would also have the option of hiring a maid or butler.

When you first start out in the game you will be new to the town so you will stay in a inn or hotel such as holiday inn. You will be charged a small fee to sleep.

When you would live at the inn you would have to clean it cook food brush your teeth etc. All will be controlled by movements with the mouse or buttons on the keyboard.

Apartments would be available to rent charging rent every 2 days based on how nice it is.

When you would own an apartment you would have to clean it cook food brush your teeth etc. All will be controlled by movements with the mouse or buttons on the keyboard.

Level system

There will be a level system based on experience of how long the player has played and your job level.

Bonus exp would be awarded to people who complete achievement in game such as get and apartment or first job or make 1000 credits.

The world would also be based on the time the player has played. What i mean by this is that when you log out then log back in you will be at the same point in the day and at the same place the player was before. Thus the player would not pay rent for there home or apartment when they are not on.

Jobs and levels
Higher level jobs will interact with higher level characters, for example a say level 20 character would get there food from a chef and not a fast food place. they could always go there but there hunger level or points will be more then of lower level players. So if a new player has 20 hunger points and a hamburger replaces 20 points but the level 20 player has 250 hunger points so they have too get steak from a chef because steak would restore 200 points.

The hit-man job would have to have a high level player to kill another high level player because the high level player would get more health then the low level player making it impossible to kill the higher level player.

New maps…
New Mod…

Thank you for reading my post I have no idea if any of this is possible and if it is please let me know because if it is i have a lot more ideas to add to this and i believe this would be a very fun RP mod for garrys mod. If it is i am looking for a team of people to make this.

Ugh, for the houses thing, you would have to make a map that just has like 1000+ houses outside of the map, that or become Jesus and re-create the world making it so that shit is different…

I haven’t even read what you typed. I just rated you box.

Didn’t even read.

Lay it out better. And last but not least!

Ideaz guy

Good Point


Will do found the correct place for it and i will make it easier to read

That is really annoying to read. Lay it out in SIMPLE, CONCISE POINTS. No “maybe this possibly that” bullshit. It makes it a lot easier to analyze.


Drug dealers:

Why would people ever want to buy drugs? A fancy effect can be archieved with post processing.
In real life you get a feeling of enjoyment and whatever, I havn’t tried it, in a game you just see fancy colors.
“Levels of drug dealers” - I don’t quite think you know what you’re talking about. It’s all about money, not levels.


How will you get people to work together? Have you ever played on a server?
And what if there’s only 2 restaurants and both are filled up with space-takers when 2 actually interrested players are waiting to get in.
You’d also need a hunger-mod to get people to buy the food, but with such a low player amount (compared to how many people there is like in a town IRL) you’d need a very fast hunger which would just annoy people a lot and reduce the popularity of your gamemode.


Paperwork? LMAO WHAT kind of paperwork? The only paperwork real officers do are reports and similar, and you’d need a player based system (Admin constantly online etc…) for it to work or you’d have to develope an AI that understand messages, which kind of is impossible with Lua.
People would still DM and random arrest/abuse with police, you found no way to stop them from doing that.


I think this is self explanatory…

Private homes:

Nice idea, but you’d need empty space which looks ugly and a crapload of models.

I CBA commenting the rest, blergh.

Big no.

this is just an idea
Yes i have played on a server before. My solution to the chef job would be have multiple jobs within, 3 or 4 people cooking 3 or 4 people doing atm stuff 3 or 4 people cleaning. With levels not everyone would be in that same place after they have played for awhile they would get promoted and move to another building doing a diffrent job. Also there will be many jobs and just like servers today there are caps on how many people can do that job so if it was full they would have too pick another. Like other servers also they have a cap for the amount of people that can be on it at one time so there will always be a time someone can connect and do that job. Otherwise multiple servers would fix that too.
Well yeah sure it is but the way i go about doing it is diffrent making this job very hard to do without being captured.
Paperwork was just a rough idea like i said i have no idea how to lua code or anything as i said in the post.
People couldent random dm or arrest because i would make something that knows when a crime is commited and the police would only be able to use there weapons and arrest baton on those people. If that is possible.
Levels and drug dealers
Well okay then… where does the single drug dealer get his drugs from > the big supplyer that is shipping stuff all around the world or map i guess…

Again like i said this is just an idea some things wont work and some things cannot happen.

Place props with Lua.

Warning incoming minor wall of text.

This sounds to me like a mix of runescape and the sims.
And, even if it was possible (which i doubt it is, especially the house’s thing) then you would need a lot of people on a server for it to be even remotely fun.
Its very unrealistic that something like this happens.
But i would guess that its possible to edit darkrp/cakescript (probably most likely darkrp though) to be a little more fun, and a little less waiting till you get a bunch of money, change your job to gundealer, and go on a shooting spree (which is unfortunately what most people do on most rp servers)
Maybe try joining raven rp (i think that was the name of it) i think they got a lot of what youre looking for.
or just make it yourself, its not that hard to edit darkrp.
plus, you double posted this thread.