Idea for a Quick Loot Feature

So me and my friends had ANOTHER idea for Rust.
So it’s really annoying having to drag click everything out of crates. So what if you could hold shift then left-click the item and it automatically take it from the crate and puts it into your inventory. I know this is also in minecraft but it would just make getting things from you storage to to inventory quicker.

I disagree. I think that, if you’re digging through a crate full of stuff, that it should take you longer to loot. This is how it currently is by having the player have to spend more time dragging stuff into their inventory.

Exactly, makes it so if you’re in a hurry you grab the best loot and leave behind stuff, i’ll tell you when im looting and im worried about people coming back… my adrenaline is UP i miss click and i get all nervous, its what adds to the excitement to the game. Give me a quick loot button and thats all gone. Also i’d be full of crap i didnt want. You have to think about what this means when you are looting other peoples stuff.

also, if you kill one dude but not his buddy, his buddy should be able to protect his stuff, not just have you /lootall and run off

“Digging through a crate full of stuff” is its own time-suck. My biggest annoyance is the way stacking interacts with the dragging and that I can’t swap stacks.

I did like the idea of being able to pick up a backpack and run off with it and having the extra weight slow your movement speed and being unable to pull out a weapon because you’re hands are holding this full backpack. It’s a way to grab loot fast with a realistic downside.

This used to be in game and they took it out because they didn’t want people being able to fast loot during a fight.