Idea for a RP Phone.

OK well i got a view model and a idea of making a phone for darkRP. You guys know the /call command? well i thought i could get some code that makes that command only work when you have my phone swep out. Any help could be appreciated greatly.

Maybe just a phone swep with a gui select a player, message would be easier then trying to make dark rp work?

yeah i guess
like texting

Ok guys please help!

just talk to them with shift+tab

There’s a phone in dark rp 2.3.7 type /phone

I know that noodle man. I already got someone that understands and am getting there help. My idea was to have a phone weapon, that you could use the /call and /pm commands, but have a list and then be able to select a name, then text or call. All it really does is make it so these commands only work with the phone out. and then it would type /call <selection> or /pm <selection> <your message>

Sounds similar to the BuddyFinder without the teleport. Have a look at that and see if you can’t figure out what to put in your SWep.

I didnt know that had call or message, i thought it was just teleport.

No, it calls them and they accept

our server just ended up using buddyfinder. later!

Ok, cya:banjo: