Idea for a small mod to tell who's trustworthy in game.

So idea is basically you could tell if someone is trustworthy by looking at their dick n balls.

Ball size would indicate skill and dick size would indicate trust. If they are known to kill people who’s balls are small or they are unarmed then the penis bar will shrink with their avatar penis size also shrinking, when they kill big balled players then their balls will grow and slightly grown their penis points back.

Who to trust diagram.

Small Penis Big Balls = prob shouldn’t trust and maybe run from
Large Penis Big Balls = This is basically robocop and will protect the innocent and uphold the law.
Small penis No Balls = coward who kills people with a rock when their backs turned
Large Penis No Balls = Coward also but he won’t kill you with a rock when you’re backs turned.

how the points work.

When your Dick points hit 0% your balls and dick increase still with Balls points.
If your Dick points hit 100% you pretty much will have a micro penis.
if your Balls points hit 100% you’ll have pretty large balls every balls point you gain after you hit 100% will diminish your dick points.
If your Dick points hit 100% you will lose Balls points and your balls will shrink too.

Least then having a small dick wouldn’t be random it would be karma based.

Sounds like a cool idea.

Your ideas are artistic; I applaud you. :goodjob:

-snip, misread, never mind this post-

And for female characters?.. I have some ideas… :wow:

…I like it.

Imagine the first thing you say to someone is: Hey! Hey! put youre pants down i wanna check.

It already is.

I need to do this.

Good idea but flawed., but you forgot something, the balls my friend are censored. How would you get by the censorment? Your idea is flawed, it wil lead to its own downfall.

you are able to turn the cursor effect on and off in game…

Too bad karma systems are already stated to be a no go.

The key word in the title is “mod”. Plugins don’t need garry’s blessing.

Fair enough. I must’ve read right over that.