Idea for a useful feature on

So we all know that there are several main catagories of add-ons.

Skimming this list:

I suggest a feature allowing you to catagorize your add-on. I’d find it so much easier to search for SWeps in general, then to look through so many pieces of shipwreck. I mean the tag function is also useful, but it might feel more organized with simple catagories then several tags. But that’s just my preference. We could always keep both, so you could search while keeping your preference intact.

Would be cool.
Also there should be a “Junk” category, for all that crappy stuff.

That would depend on who was gonna catagorize the upload, but if it were decided that the uploader were to automatically decide, it could work.

It would be great but people who make shitty addons/dupes/saves would classify their “work” as like a swep or npc or something just for downloads, and if there was a junk category it none of them in their right mind would classify their crap as it.

Not to mention with all the current files on the site it would take a long time to move everything into the corresponding directory.

Other then that it’s a really good idea.

It still won’t narrow it down much.

Go in there and look for a specific addon/mod, it will still take around 7-20 minutes unless you know the exact name.