Idea for a Working RP Server

Little kids don’t cry about RDM, they simply ask their older brother Ted who has a afk script to supply him with guns so he can minge. :smiley:

Also, instead of that long list… Get cakescript/tacoscript/kuroscript/tacoscript2… The list goes on.

And yet darkrp attracts 8 year olds, your choice.

yeah i agree, i have searched everywhere, and the best RP server is 100%

they have really nice admin + players =)

  • they allow cops to arrest without warrants !! thank god.
  • you can build when you buy a toolgun only !!
  • PHX and wiremod
  • Guns are expensive
  • no douches, well the occasional douche comes on, but they get bored because everyone just puts them in jail =)
  • you can vote to demote anyone
  • there is some random death-matchers
  • server crashed once

you should join some time =D
my in game character name is James Jameson aka Just James or aka Lightpro



Thats normally good.

PHX and wiremod is a minus, why the heck do you need people to build minge machienes to RP?
You should not be able to freeze stuff or use toolgun in RP, you dont need nither. Use gravity gun (with removed throw ofc) and pose your stuff realistically.

derppppppp you cant pick up ragdolls with the gravity gun

Why the heck do you need ragdolls for?

Isn’t this like those EvoCity servers with no buildable stuff and you have to wait 5 hours to get a job?

Im pretty sure youve played PERP1, it was like that.

It actually had really good roleplay, but they did not allow you to pickup any job for 2 hours, which i think is repelling new players and a stupid idea.

Not if you strip it of it’s pre-determined jobs and weapons, and give it a good administration. Most of them will think “this server is fUKKEN gay!!!” and leave.

if you use taco and cake they’ll say,

‘were is jobs i press f4 and no jobz and why can’t i use my mic’

Not really, because to my experience what happens is then they get all elitist and start a whole circlejerk and don’t really help out newer players. That, and they treat gmod RP more of a RP chatroom than of a playing style.






There already are no “classes”, and really players like those are otherwise not wanted. I’m saying DarkRP because it’s easier to manage and players are more familiar with it.

Possible solution: BlackRP, when its ready.