Idea for a zombie survial gamemode :)

I just had this idea, but I have no idea or want to code LUA. I’m kinda lazy. Lawl

ANYWHO. My idea is this.

  1. Read title :slight_smile:
  2. Has a point/money system. Money/points awarded for killing zombies/aliens/other stuffs. You then use this money/points to buy anything ranging from guns to props to tools.


Also, an idea on how to make the buying menu. First off remove the spawn menu entirely (if possible) and make a buy menu EXACTLY like the spawn menu, just when you hover over the weapon,prop,tool it shows you a price, and you have to buy it to spawn it. For tools it could be grayed out until you buy it. If you can’t remove the spawn menu then just make the menu come up with T or some other key not used, f4 is so inconvenient for me, I play on a laptop so I have to use the function key :frowning: lol. Get some NPC spawners around the map with a nice way-point system so the zombies wander around, but there are certain safe zones where zombies don’t go, which is where people would build. OR they could build in the zombie zone, but they would need to get something to block the door :slight_smile:

Anyone else think this would be fun?

Dude, that is really fun. The reason I say IS is because the “ZombieRP” gamemode is just that! 10$ for each zombie you kill, and it runs regular DarkRP so aside from a few maps there really isn’t much downloading.

Glad I could help. I’m assuming I did.

how about make it like cod waws nazi zombie game mode with weapons spawners and fading doors i think it could be feasible w/ wire e2 lua and some HL2 zombies and weapons plus the best part is if we make the weapons system right u can put anything in the so called mystery box like a Ja’Fa staff weapon grav gun combine ball launcher (instead of ray gun) and even cars!

Well one thing is that ZombieRP is harsh to people who don’t have CSS. That aside it is really awesome. Also I am working on a map, zs_bridge, where the whole map is a giant bridge with a power station, toll booth, military blockade, etc. All the buildings to hole up in are actually kind of bad defensive positions, the idea is that you are always constantly moving around. I remember playing zombieRP and everyone was on top of a wall with Mp5s, shooting zombies as they spawn just to get money. This was really boring so my map is designed to combat that. Aside from on top of cars, there isn’t any way to elevate yourself. I don’t think. This means that zombies can come right up to you, and you have to barricade yourself creatively. I might put fast zombie spawners to mix things up a little bit.

Any ideas just reply.

Also, OP, If you don’t like pressing F4 go to your gmod Options and bind the “Spare” keys to something other than F4.