Idea For an Excellant Train Map

I have an idea for a train themed map useful for posing and roleplaying. In essence, it would be a lengthy passenger train with cars for sitting, dining, and the conductor’s room, or whatever they call the one in the very front. The train would be static, and the background could be a looping image of the train’s surroundings that moves instead of the train itself. Also, perhaps there could be a number of different backgrounds, such as country, city, and subway, and they could be switched from the conductor’s room. Personally, I think it would be exceedingly useful for a large number of people.

Now, please do go about your :airquote: mapping :airquote: and if you do happen to be so kind as to make this map, please post the link here. Thanks!

sounds cool, whatever happened to the train models pack? not the PHX crap but the realistic models of SD70, GP38, DD-44x, GP9, etc?
I remember having this like a year and a half ago and not i cannot find it

I think I put this in the wrong place. Sorry for being such a noob.

To mods: If you see this, is there any chance you could move it to the Mapping Requests thread?

There is the newest mobenix map. It was a subway line that works pretty well. I used to request maps (in the right section) and a lot of the time you won’t I didn’t get that map. So I learned how to map, so should you. Trust me, if you want it, you can map it. You should at least try to learn it.