Idea for big x-mas tree

Hello, I’m making new rats-type map and I am wondering how to make a big and nice looking x-mas tree… Do you have any ideas? I don’t know from get models, textures needed for this :smiley: Can you help to figure it out? :slight_smile:

If you wanted to do it quick and dirty you could just scale up an existing pipe tree/christmas tree.

When I made some giant kashyyyk trees for a starwars style map, I made all the trunks and large branches using displacements and subdivision. As for the leaves, I used smaller tree models and placed them along the big branches to simulate the smaller branches. It worked out surprisingly well.

A friend and I are planning on doing something similar. Are you wanting a more realistic look or more cartoon-y?

Assuming you literally mean standing as some rat-sized player on a furniture’s surface, you could do actual room in the 3D skybox. I’ve seen people do it a time or two. Just keep in mind the skybox makes everything look 16 times as large.

You can set the scale in the sky_camera entity.