Idea for buildings

Hello, i have an idea about door access:

  • Replace door-code with door-key, you can make copy of key and give it to anyone. And also people can loot it (optional) from your body.
  • All keys what you have will stack in “key chain”, from where you can take one key or split it, etc…

Thanks for reading my silly suggestion, have a nice day.

That’s gonna be a big drama; Camp front door, shoot owner, loot key and raid the base without C4. In 2min.

You can pretty much do that now. Camp someone’s door, shoot them when they open up and walk right in. You have access to their base easily if you have enough patience

Had that attempted on me a few times, but I was too quick on the open/close door routine, so I always heard the reassuring sound of my front door closing as I bit the dust from a point blank shotgun blast :wink:

“Nice try pal!” Then respawn and re-arm…

There is a suggestion subforum. Try using that and you may have not gotten all of those boxes dropped on your head.