Idea for characters

I think the Characters should be able to prone so you got more cover in its terrain. Anyone Agree?

I believe adding prone would be a great addition to add to rust…
I think it’s a feature that is expected in most first person shooters yet rust does not have it…

Large amounts of disagree’s but no explainations as to why?
Let’s create a discussion on this subject perhaps on the positives and negatives hopefully we can come to some kind of understanding.

I agree even though i don’t play pvp. Parts of the map provide no cover at all. One of the reasons i stoped playing pvp was because i had no place to go when there was someone. At night well thats different but in the day where you get ur resorces… So much kos. I think this should be added


  1. At a distance people can turn off grass, so you may have cover, but the grass didn’t load for them so they see you anyway.
    1.5) Some bushes and trees aren’t loaded at max view distance, so lying prone under your bush, on their screen you are just lying on the ground.
    2.) Night time Prone is worthless, for same reason. Plus - We have too many ‘it’s too dark’ babies. So they turn up their gamma, creating an advantage that wasn’t suppose to exist. The risk was flash lights/laser/torch…etc. Now with gamma up what’s the point?

All your reasons for not having prone sound like things they should fix. Dayz would have been shit if your hiding behind a tree im the distance but everyone else can see you just standing in the open.

For a game like this… I think we should have prone for sure.

100% agree

They have already fixed the gamma issue xD…

If they ever implement and kind of sniper, I think they should implement prone in the same update.

They havent fixed the gamma issue, I have my gamma higher than normal and except for the “Pitch Black” part of night I can see pretty good most of the time.

I agree that there should be a prone option if they can make it so that the grass isn’t disappearing from long distances and people cant turn it off.

Hate to state the obvious, but…Alpha…