Idea for Combat Loggers

I don’t know if this has been suggested before so I apologize if it has. Anyways, I currently have sleepers enabled to prevent people from combat logging to avoid death and losing any valuables they store on their person. My suggestion is to prevent combat logging by making it so the body stays in game for 5-10 minutes before disappearing if the server has sleepers disabled. This would fix the issue of having people log on you before you are able to break into their house and kill them while still allowing people who play normally to not fear getting killed while logged off. Since servers can either allow or disallow sleepers this should be any easy thing to add to the no sleep code. I know there are more pressing issues for the dev team but if this is really a potentially easy addition could you possibly look into it?

Thank you for such a great game by the way. I will continue to play, enjoy, and think up new and exciting ideas for the future of the game. You guys are awesome!

The entire reason they put sleepers in the game is to stop people from combat logging. Either you have them or you don’t. It would make no sense to have sleepers enabled for 5-10 minutes… why not just have them active to begin with?

even with sleepers enabled their body’s disappears after something like 10 hours. so like the ugy said ahead either u have them or not, i found on servers that don’t have sleepers enabled before htey log out they get all their c4 n valuable stuff on them then log out so it don’t get raided while offline which isa cheap move really.

My buddy has been asleep in my base for going on 14 days now. It’s a lot longer than 10 hours.

sleepers will remain there forever, or until someone smacks them with a rock to death, i think there’s a mod that makes players remain for 30 seconds before disappearing after disconnect, check the Rust mods section

Im not sure how this is a cheap move. Lets say I have a job. I play in the evenings from about 6-9:30. Then I log off and im offline until the following day at 6. I play for 3 and a half hours out of the 24 hour day which means I am logged off for 21 and a half hours. I have work and require a lot of sleep. Then there’s the bandit. Some guy who plays for 14 hours a day or so. He’s on at 3 am when no one else is and goes around finding buildings that he knows have active players. With sleepers on, I lose -everything-. Just because im not logged in. There are NO defences beyond having 8+ doors. None. The guy knocks down a wall with explosive charges, waltzes in, kills my sleeper and takes my gear. Then he steals all my things.

On a sleeper enabled server, I can pick up all the most valuable things (I have a limited inventory). While yes, it means you arent going to get my low quality metal or my explosive charges, you will likely still get my wood. I do not understand hwot his isnt fair. I cant be at my computer 15+ hours a day. I have a job.

(Quick note, I play on a sleeper enabled server atm.)

but that’s half the fun of being on a sleeper server…making a base/house that is unraidable or trying your best :stuck_out_tongue:

If the point is to prevent combat logging, then a 5 minute timer after logout would fix the issue. You wouldn’t be able to log out to avoid combat death, because the dude chasing you would just rock up to your sleeping body and loot you. But you could safely log out inside your house during a quiet period and know that unless somebody happened to break in within that 5 minute window, all the valuables you managed to equip would still be with you next time you logged in.

I think it’s a great idea.

I’d suggest tying it in with the day/night cycle a bit, have sleepers removed at the end of the current day/night cycle (or after a minimum of 5-10 mins, which ever is longer) it’ll make it slightly more random (but not cumbersomely so) and extend the duration of your average sleeper a bit.

I know it probably seems a bit harsh, but it does stop opportunist players from just factoring in the timer and finding a good hiding spot.
Otherwise a lucky/skilled player can just duck out of your immediate LoS, hide, and then drop a shelter and close the door… at the right place/time it could take their opponents too long to locate them, drop the door and actually conclude their business before the sleeper is removed from the system.

Dude what a fucking bag of QQ this is… No joke.

Players who play mroe than you HAVE to have an advantage over you, because they PLAY more… they invest more time than you have, thats life.
If you can’t build an unraidable base, then simply quit your crying.

I work/study full time, have maybe 2 hours a day to play and my longest without being successfuly raided (due to a GOOD base build, with intelligent gear/location/setup) is 10 days - then the server wiped.

So please, stop your crying you infant

It’s no different from any other FPS game, play more - you have better aim, map knowledge. With time the skill gap grows larger to a point where casual player just doesn’t have a chance.

Yeah because raiding some sleeping defenseless lone man in a 1x1 house is such hard work, those poor, overworked bandits who never gather resources and prey on the weak. Right?

Actual idea to stop combat logging - 5 second logout timer where you can’t move or interact with anything, and it logs you out at the end of the timer. So now people can’t just duck behind a tree and vanish within seconds.

There is a mod that allows for limited duration sleepers that is configurable. Find one that uses it.

We have the answer. Sleepers. Why servers would disable sleepers is baffling. It’s a perfect solution.

Excellent idea. I agree. With sleepers enabled, your body should NEVER disappear when you log off.

With sleepers disabled there should be a 5 or 10 minute timer where your body remains in the game after you log off, so that it still prevents combat logging, but it does not punish the people who have things to attend to outside of the game and can’t play 15 hours a day.

The problem with combat logging is that when you find the person who raided you and you’re attacking them in turn, they can safely log off before you break into their house. And it’s not just that, you could be having problems with someone and if it seems like you are about to kill them they can log off and avoid a death. I’ve seen groups of raiders that come and raid bases, kill people, and take their stuff but when those people retaliate and get close to repaying the favor, they log off and avoid their inevitable death altogether.

Sure, you might say why have sleepers disabled in the first place? Well, for some servers it’s something they like to do. It means you can log off without having to run to base to find a safe spot. And it would be just fine if it wasn’t abused by combat loggers. Right now if they even take the slightest amount of damage from a player they can just log off and go play on another server for awhile. Tell me, does that sound fair to you?

It’s cool they have a mod for it but I think it should be something standard with the no_sleepers option.