Idea for contraption: Revolutionary Dance Machine.

So i was watching TV. There is no TiVo service here in argentina, so in order to keep watching Gregory House gobble a bunch of pills and laugh at deaf people tearing their neck apart, i have to watch the commercials.

Then this idea hit me: Let’s do the Personal Revolutionary Dance Machine in gmod:

I wonder if it should be made for a giant ragdoll made of props or if it could be done ofr a normal one, given the complex this thing is.

I’m already working on some frame-thing, but i really need help. or not. Make it a contest, play it in your gmod server teather and ask the builders to make it, save the game and pass it to other guy to make more stuff, Possibilities are endless.

Just wanted to give the community a very exploitable and cool idea.


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Savegames are too buggy to work correctly, but other than that, your idea seems like it would have potential.