Idea for Doors

i was wondering you should add permissions so other people in my clan can open doors, its really annoying when my friends aren’t on. but i cant open doors to get in. Please could you add that to the game. it will be very useful for other players

EDIT: 4 digit code to unlock door maybe

I like the idea of the 4 digit code to unlock, but maybe boost that up to 6 or 8, because if someone who wanted to raid would only need to figure it out instead of using explosive charges. Maybe even make the door lock spawn in gun crates?

Even with four digit you have 10 000 different combinations, so you would require a huge amount of luck to get it right.


Here’s the problem with permissions systems. You start getting into having lists, which sounds suspiciously like friends lists/etc. that allow you to determine friend from foe in-game.

And, in another recent thread that was about friends lists so that you could recognize your friends easily in battle, this is what Max said:

I’m guessing door permissions kind of fall into the same category, but I’m not Max or any of the other devs so I don’t actually know.

That is why the digit system would be easier and get that problem off.


i dont think so

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i agree 8 digit is best :slight_smile:

that would ruin the raiding go play a gay minecraft survival faction pvp server if you want that you are just crying about being raided all the time its time to shut up and man up plz dont add any door code system garry or pat leave it just how it is

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dude this would befit everyone just because you dont like it doesnt say that they should not add it in