Idea for doors

I think that you should be able to add a trusted list to your door so people can enter if you put there name down but you can also edit it just incase someone turns on you because it gets annoying having multiple doors on your house espicially if you have a thin walkway that can only fit one door so every time i come on i cant get to my stuff because there is a door in the hall way i can’t open and have to wait for my friend to come on.
Thanks ! just this it would be a cool add on and really helpful!

No one has ever thought of that, this should solve everyone’s problems, great suggestion! Thank you!

Wow, congratulations! You win the award for the 1,000th time this idea was posted, and the award for not taking at least three minutes to look down and see the other ones posted, or even bothering to check the trello!

Cunt i can not be bothered looking so stfu i was trying to help you fat dawg

You can be bothered because we are sick of seeing this stupid suggestion time after time. it is coming, be patient.

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The names can be CHANGED… soooo…NO

Steam IDs.