Idea for Flares

I was going over the trello notes and there’s a bit about the flare glitch and how to solve it. I think simply locking the belt may be too rough of a fix.

I think if you light the flare, you couldn’t simply put it out unless you used an alt fire or something. Adding the toggle to flares could help but its not realistic and you would need some way to measure how much is left to avoid the same glitch.

Why not have the flare actually on the players belt? Move it on the character, lit as a dynamic light source. You get ambient light to light the area and free up your hands, when the flare runs out via a timer it can then be consumed and the item disappears. This might require a lot of work but I have no clue. Just throwing it out there for the Devs.

I was just thinking, once the flare is lit the use is gone.