Idea for Gcombat, Energy blade.

I have an idea if someone would like to try it. I have no experiance in lua coding so I dont know how to do this.

Basicly you click on a prop and then place a contorller somwhere. when you activate the controller, the prop turns to the material ( models/alyx/emptool_glow ) and emits the the magic thuster effect( blue in color though ) and is able to cut through anything except what its constrained to. What I imagine it to be is like the beam sword/dagger from gcombat, only its able to be applied to any prop ( maybe with some size restriction if possible ) and be much more vercitile then the beam sword/dagger.

for an even better Idea of what I am going for, Imagine an anime light sword, or lazer blade sort of thing. I would like to hear from you.