Idea for gmod addons site

Idea: have an ‘install’ link on an addon page that users can click to have the addon install automatically.

The solution I have devised requires the browser to support JavaScript, XPCOM, XPCOM bindings in JavaScript (XPConnect), and HTTP requests from Javascript (using XMLHttpRequest). All cool browsers support these (i.e. not IE), but require the user to press a button to enable XPConnect.

The install link would just automate the process of extracting the files from any kind of archieve, so we would need to know where the addons folder is located on the filesystem. Im not sure how valve’s openid implementation works but if you can get the user’s steam name then we essentially have the addons directory. If we can’t then we can always search the steamapps directory. For the base steam install directory we can assume “C:\Program Files\Steam”, check for steam.exe and if it’s not there ask the user where they installed steam.

If this is implemented we could have an always up to date wiremod on the site. We could also have a package management system for gmod addons that would check for updates. These advanced package management aspects may require modding how addons are uploaded though. Installing addons is easy enough for me, but it would be nice if it happened automatically. I could just program this function for myself, which I may do anyway just for the heck of it, but it would be neat if new users could just press a button / link so they don’t keep posting things like “where do I put this file?” and “I dumped these files on my desktop and they don’t work”.

Just F.Y.I. Steam is already a package management system.

There’s this thing called ToyBox now you should try it

Why would someone want to install it by itself? If they don’t know how to install it they shouldn’t have it.

That’s a stupid argument.
He’s just making a suggestion to make it more convenient.

sounds more of a not-so-good suggestion BECAUSE: some addons are installed differently then the standard addon’s folder. let alone, Toybox is WAY better

AJAX stands for “Asynchronous Javascript and XML.” What you are referring to is the AJAX object XMLHttpRequest, which is a part of AJAX but it is not all that AJAX is.

Just FYI, to clear that up.

If you’re suggesting I start coding ToyBox that’d be neat and all but not interested. Or if you’re suggesting we wait for ToyBox to be a drop-in replacement for and not do anything in the mean time then sure, but I think that’s a long time away from now.

Yeah, that does make me sound stupid now that I look at it that way. I’ll edit my post to say XMLHttpRequest.

I like how you said why. The install button could detect the layout of the files in the archive. I think it should be possible to detect all addons that belong in the addons folder, and that belong in the root garrysmod/garrysmod folder. I haven’t downloaded much off of but if there was an archive that somebody made that had some weird stuff going on then the install button would just not appear and instead have something that told the user that there was an error. ToyBox is not way better. I want to be, but its not. Actually that’s the whole reason I made my post. I’m hoping that ToyBox will be way better in the future, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Like you said, not all addons are installed differently then the standard addons folder, which is what ToyBox tries to do. And to my understanding, ToyBox doesn’t even replace the addons folder - yet.

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PERFECT, but it’s missing one thing. . . .

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lmaoo! besides for garrry’s unveiling of his sexy flying concept car with lighting blots and all… i think its a nice idea (and of course your idea is just as nice if not AWESOME garry) :smiley: i mean when i first started downloading addons… I WAS LOSSST! i mean… for like a month… first week i tryed… never worked… gave up little… tryed again… really got angry at failure… blah blah blah… i was little and finding out isn’t as easy as it looks and the folder set up might look simple… but some people who are not used to digging in folders will fail mostly…

That just made my whole day.

So is this a good idea or not? I just looked at the first page of this forum and found these three threads:

I pretty sure it’s a good idea.