Idea for GMod

I need someone to give me an idea to build something on GMod. I have PHX 3 also. I don’t care what, I’m just requesting an idea pl0x.

Harley Davidson.

Make a giant monster that smashes all npc’s and players in a 10 mile radius. gogogo

I’ll try, msg me about it in an hour or so and i might be finished

We need to fix the flux capacitor!

Make a good looking VTOL craft, no keep upright, no homoballs, no applyforce, no vector thrusters.

It needs to look good, have functioning axised engines that move via hydrolics and turn efficiently.

^ now THATS an idea
im going to try that later

Ya, I’ve been thinking of something similar to that, but I was thinking about making a jet that tilted when you turned, and didnt have a mass of hoverballs, but I can’t figure this out. Maybe a tut link would help?


I think this should work (I just googled so im not sure, its in the wiki so…)

Thanks a lot for the tut link :smiley:

Your welcome