Idea for great Zombie Rpg.


I would love a gamemode that is somewhat like zombified world mixed with fallout mod but with some changes.

The changes would be:

No day/night cycle, just zombies re spawning the whole time and the map having its default light all the time.

It should take 3 hours for the hunger to be empty like in zombified world.

Stats and skills in different categories.
Each level would give you 1 point each to use and level up one stat AND one skill.

Stats is strength and agility.

Str = More damage with meele weapons.
Agility = Increased sprinting time and increased stamina recovery.

Skills would be (could be changed):
Repair. (to repair weapons)
Medic. (to gain more health from medic packs)
Guns. (Better accuracy)
Health. (Increases your max hp)
Hp regen. (Gives and increases your hp regen, but shouldn’t be overpowered)

If you noticed that there is no skill or stat that increases your damage with guns it’s because guns already do decent damage and can be fired from a safe range.

Also, as you noticed I mentioned repair as a skill. That’s because I would want weapons “health” to decreases when using it. Tho it should decrease much slower then in fallout mod.
This would need repair kits added to the store as well.

Zombies should drop ammunition more often and food with a decent drop rate.
They should also drop weapons and armors.

Weapons and armors shouldn’t be available from a shop.
The shop should work like it does in zombified world except no weapons or armors, only ammunition, food, medkits etc.
This way you have to find and loot your own weapon or armor from a zombie, making it more fun to hunt zombies and more fun to find a new weapon.
Tho each zombie have a certain % chance of dropping a weapon, which in turn would have a certain % chance to be a certain weapon. The better weapon the lower % chance.
Armors should have a really low drop rate however.
The bounty system should be kept. Kill zombies, gain bounty, claim your bounty in shop.

More things that should be added to the shop would be an option to reset your skills for a fee.

What more could be used would be a trade system that allows players to trade money, food, ammunition, weapons and all that stuff.
This would be nice since you only gain weapons from zombies, then you could trade weapons with other players.
Tho this is not a must.

You shouldn’t lose your weapon when dying if you are currently holding it.
Someone told me that if you switch weapon to example the gravity gun before you die you don’t lose your weapon.
But just making it that you don’t lose the weapon even if you are currently holding it while dying would be nice.

Weapons along with anything else should also save even after disconnecting, like it does in zombified world.

The only thing you would drop on death would be the bounty you have.
Please make the bounty stay for 5 - 10 mins.

Can’t think of more stuff right now, but might update it later if i come up with more or if someone gives me any ideas.

What do you think?
Also FYI, even if someone would make this I cannot host it.
So this is just an idea, if anyone would attempt to make it please tell me.
I would love to play it.

Makes no sense that zombies drops ammo, guns and armors, do it like stalker mod where “artifacts” or what ever it is they’re called spawns in different places around the map.

There should be no money system or bounty for killing zombies, just makes no sense to have someone pay you for killing zombies when the government and all civilized life has been wiped out or turned to flesh hungering beasts. If you want something from a trader you should trade something that the trader wants for something you want.

Trading could be done in some fancy way so that traders wanted some items more than other items, and then trading in a “wanted” item could grant you 2 clips of ammo instead of just 1. If done correctly the traders needs would change and another item would become “wanted”

Well tbh I don’t care if it makes no sense. A game doesn’t have to make sense you know. I’m usually all for a realistic game but I thought that if done this way, it would be pure fun to play. That a game makes no sense have nothing to do with if it’s fun or not.
If all games would make 100% sense and be 100% realistic I doubt they would be fun to play at all.
You do play games because reality is boring.

Realism can aid the expirience, could make the gamemode more intense