Idea for items in game

i was talking with some the other day in rust. and i came up with a few ideas on what could make this game better.
one instead of Kevlar which is a chemical process i think. why not introduce the idea of steal plates ? and plate carries a steel plate would be realistic to make. not to hard and the Carrier would be made out of cloth leather or other material. there could be deffrent versions to home made the low grade stuff. and the ones you find high grade.

now onto the next items

a press machine that you could use the press metal into a shape like a Steel Helmet. or the parts for a ak like weapon. as those require no electricity to use.

next thing savage old parts from cars like belts and a alternator and car battery’s with some copper wire. you could then use a bike with a chain some belts and what not and create a means which to generate power. that could also be paired with a partial functioning Generator breaking bad would be a good show to watch to see that in action. so the basses for any and all of that is a battery bank. for electrical items and more high end stuff. also a washing machine :stuck_out_tongue:

i will add more to this as time goes on if you need reference material in order to know what im talking about Google some of this stuff and watch discovery Chanel and history Chanel you might just learn some thing.