idea for items

first of all hi second english is not my nativ language so dont even bother.

i have some idea’s for in game items and i hope you people may like them too

*a map that you can use to make your own drawings on of plases and other highlights.
*a sling (not a sling shot)
*trowing stars/knifes (sillent killing)
*stone walls (so u may use the pillles of stones u normaly trow away)
*a slage hammer for braking down mebay wooden doors.
*a floral hoe so u may grow and harvest your fields.
*the opportunity to dig in.
*ak-47 (every game needs one)
*barbed wire :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me share.

you mean AK47 or AK74(M, S whatever)?
the first would be fun, the second one would be very much like the M4 since they have almost identical characteristics and ammo.

and yes, mines would be awesome!

could speak in Dutch but the admins won’t like it…

write on a paper and hang a paper on a trees or wall… (for communication, signaling, runaway markings…)