Idea for locks in the game

So i was thinking… There have been loads for threads on this already. But most of them are more related with a ingame friend system.
Here is the idea that i had so far.

You can craft keys ingame. These keys can then be set to a door of your choice.
The door owner can take a key left click the door to encode it so it work with that door.
Owner can then drop these keys for his friends or clan members.

You then equip it like any other tool or weapon and left click the door to open it.

This would actually make for some interesting gameplay. Do you then take your keys with you when you go out?
Do you have a friend at base that will let you in so you won’t lose the key? Imagine a town owner having a master key for any
door in the town.

Another neat things would be to make so that doors can have attachments as well. Then you could build
a lock component and attach it to the door. So that any door as it is today works the default way.

this sounds like it would break the idea of saving things at base, if you bring keys with you (which you have to to get back in) then youre stuff is vulnerable… so you might as well carry everything with you when you go out, which of course defeats the purpose of having a house.

id say something simpler would be better, crafting keys i like, giving them to friends i like, but i think they just stay as part of your character like recipies once their researched, place a door and give keys anyone with one can open that door, no friend system required. just simple. hand them out if you like, or not.

how you would craft and hand them out and bind to a specific door idk, but i definatly wouldnt want to have people loot keys.

Have to agree with that. Might be better for the gameplay if you bind the keys to your character.
So when you die you keep it like recipes.

keys suggested already a thousand times. I have seen “craft a key link it to a door blah blah” on almost every single idea thread that comes by

whoreable idea