Idea for my admin mod, need all your opinions.

Hi, me and one of my friends are in the middle of making an admin mod, I have had an idea for a feature of it but we are unsure at the moment if all you people will like it.

The idea is that we have one main panel like Cpanel or something and you can controll admins on your server see the logs and do other stuff from the website to your server, we havent started the idea yet thats why I want your opinions of the idea.

Please any comments are welcome.

EDIT: Didnt make myself that clear, I meen we have 1 website with 1 main panel on, and when you add Nova to your server you send a desired username in an email to me and you will get an email with a password, yes you can change it. You wont need a website with a sql its all run from one of our web servers.

What’s wrong with the admin mod’s already out?

This is gunna be a very advanced admin mod and can you please answer my question.


Added more stuff to make it clear.

Uh, well, personally, I would like an admin mod, that lets me watch over my admins. Like, I could make people admin, and they would have to give a reason for every admin action they did, be it a teleport, slap, kick, ban.

A little too controlling imo.

Fair enough, but I feel justified in the other ones. Teleport would apply in an RP server though.

Quite often people make them just for the practise, and if people decide to use it, it’s a bonus point.

OP, I don’t even know what you were trying to say. Please try to improve your spelling and grammar.

Right this is what it is going to be.

When you add the Admin Mod to your server you sign up on one of our websites. On that website you are able to control anything to do with the server, like look at logs, look at reports and other stuff that we have come up with, you will not need any website for this Admin Mod it will all be on our website.

Please what do you think about our idea?

Retarded due to the fact that you can read other people’s server logs.

People want privacy in their admin mods.

Actually no. We are making it so that you have to set a password on your server to read the logs and reports and there all encrypted with md5, so they is no chance for us to read logs or reports or anything to do with your server/s.