Idea for new rad town

I understand the theme Rust is going for, almost like a chernobyl style state. However right now the game feels too unconnected to me, as in these structures in the game currently are too infrequent and disconnected making them more random than reasonable (they are too singular and don’t have enough city like remnant clutter to make sense of their position if this makes sense). The recent improvements to them are a great step in the right direction and I’d love to see much much more (super excited for the “dungeons” to come) so I’d like to pitch some ideas for more implementation.

Right now there are many miscellaneous structures but not really any full building remnants. I propose a dungeon or larger radtown with the design sort of like this concept art from The Last of Us. While I understand the necessity of wilderness in Rust for player building location, there is A LOT of it and a small scale city like town would not hurt the map, in fact I would like to see plenty of this in the game in the future just my opinion

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I kinda agree. Bigger towns would be great, granted the risk to loot them would be bigger, i.e more rads, random explosions (yes, RANDOM), dangerous animals (not like bears or wolves that are not really a danger…).

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I want radtowns that are more like pvp shooter arenas.

Of course because what rust really needs is MORE PVP.

Players are turning the whole game into a shitty-ass COD clone and shooting everyone on sight already, don’t wish for it to become even worse.

Gonna be so cool when the map looks like that there was really a civilization before whatever happened. Can’t wait!

You guys should read the recent devblogs where they talk about the modular radtown system that they’re working on and how its going to bring a lot more variety in the structures and stuff.

Its a interesting fact that the dev team call it “dungeon”. A dungeon style radtown could not contain only loot and act as a kind of arena. A “classic” dungeon contians pve mobs, traps, boss monsters and other threats who make them a very dangerous place for looting. Maybe we see more pve elements in the game soon. I would like it and i would be happy if the devs would implement some “supernatural” threats like mutants or something.

So you want Last of Us? Cause that’s the game Last of Us.

Which he already mentioned in his first post

I agree. They should also make a map like hapis again but with like 3 Major cities shown in the pictures and some small towns. Because im not really a fan of the procedural maps

The pictures were just borrowed haha, they are an example of what I would like to see in the game. I don’t care how they do it or whatever but just more industrial remnants would be nice. Also it’s a stretch but more rpg elements would add more loot to the game that could be found in these areas… I mean I think it would be cool to have an incentive to explore these industrial dungeon ruins having to fight against the threat of top tier monsters and the human threat element in hopes of reaching that “special” weapon or armor.

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As I see the game right now there’s just two elements really… Build, and PvP which are both a never ending cycle because they cancel each other out and just rinse and repeat. Don’t get me wrong they are both great and fun but get boring after being raided for the 30th time. I would like to see a great incentive to explore in the game from more depth in rpg elements finding dat legendary loot. Games like Fallout do this by adding “special” weapons to find which aren’t actually that much better but are by a bit and make you feel cool. I’m sure it will be added eventually but I hope these dungeons spawn challenging PvE battles, I mean real end game shit that makes you piss your pants all or nothing kind of things, a dungeon master boss fight. Just little optional things like this can give games a lot of depth and fun.