idea for Phx, Fake weld

Try explain.

When we weld two or more models the all not good welded, so why not make models already welded.

Let’s call this idea fake weld.

I’m make simple example

and look what i get, difference between in-game weld and fake, the lighter is fake weld

old bad example

Now discussing and post you idea of model with fake weld.

yeah i think youve failed doesnt really make sense tying cubes with ropes isnt welding

So you’ve made cubes that come pre-attached to each other? And you can’t change the distance between them? Seems pretty useless.

I think the ropes are just for show and he is actually comparing the in-game weld and the other, i say other because i cannot see any use for a weld outside of the game… needs more explination.


Re-watched gif first cube sways way too much to be welded at all your right looks first cube has ropes second has weld’s wtf is this.

it’s not big problem for me,
if someone still don’t get just download model you will understand what i mean faster.

the problem would be having to chuck some more models in and join em up outa gmod
btw what you use to make that .gif?

Virtual Dub