Idea For Physgun

I had an idea for the Physgun. My idea is: 1. The three “Spikes” (the the 3 litle arms at the end of the G-gun) would be “open” (like the Uber Gravygun in HL2: Ep1) all the time. 2. Whenever you fire the physgun three little beams would come out of the “Spikes” and form into one beam. (Sounds awesome dont it?) There you have it. My awesome idea for a new Physgun. Please tell me if you agree this is awesome.

Its completely useless and not worth the time.

3 spikes on a physgun… Thanks no.

perhaps i did not explain myself enough.

see the spikes on the end of the gun dumbass? thats what i was talking about

Calling people dumbass isn’t exactly the smartest thing to do.

This would be graphical, and prove to be useless. It isn’t even worth the time.

I said the exact same thing :colbert: