idea for putting on clothing


I started playing Rust, so far I really like the game! A couple of suggestions - one being that i harvested my first hemp to make cloth, and then I tried to drag it on to my character, but instead it dumped it in the trash. So now I am still naked. I would suggest making the clothing go on your character when you simply click & drag it on to your character. Another suggestion would be I wish that I could play as a girl, and have that option. Thanks!

Clothes you have made can be draged into the boxes specifically made for cloths and you should also be able to just left or right click them so they go into a slot aswell

As for female chars they will be added soon but no idea if you can choose male or female or if its all going to be random.

Press the right mouse button in inventory and it will autoequip clothes.

There will be females sometime soon but I doubt that we will get to choose the gender, I guess it’s gonna be random just like skin color, race, etc.

I hope they give us the choise because im male and i do not want to play as a female at all as its not my thing so i will not be playing if i cannot choose.

Does the very prospect make you a titty bit uncomfortable?

I just dont want to be a women simple as that.

then get gender reassignment surgery. they’ll make you a nice penis :dance:

seriously, the fear over being a girl in rust is amazing; not just you either, and it’s just a bunch of pixels. i suppose one solution would be having a different player model for each server/seed still tied to your steam id. that way if people are really upset, they can wait for a seed change or move server.

anyway, derailing.