Idea for ragdoll modellers

I just had a random idea that might help whoever is making ragdolls, particularily many similar ones:

Why not do as Blizzard did with WoW? One model, with all possible clothes overlapping, and then lots of skins that simply have texture for some elements of clothing and invisibility for the others?

They really did that with wow?
In source, it would have to render all polies, even the ones that are invisible. I doubt it would work right

I don’t think WoW would have such system. Each character would be hundreds of thousands of polygons since there are so many types of armor.

The same thing can be done using bodygroups, that way you wouldn’t have every single clothing piece on the model at the same time. It would just load the meshes that are selected.

How do you actually impliment bodygroups I can’t find the qc or any other code for it anywhere.

Thankyou ^^

Edit: This would be useful for the different armour types for the Mass Effect models.