Idea for Raid alerts/Phone App to help prevent offline raiding. What do you think?

I have this idea for an app where it notifies you when your base is getting raided. That being said, there’s other ideas I have that would help work this out.

1.) There should be an in game item like a “security system”

2.) CCTV cams and Broken Laptops could have more usages once obtained. Crafting this “security system” (With the xp system coming out, there should be a point where you can craft a cctv and laptop… Just my thoughts)You could also be able to post CCTV cams on every side of your base.

3.) The phone application could ONLY go off if your base is getting damaged or breached.

4.) In game intel device will be cool if you’re away from the base but should cost an arm and a leg.

5.) Authorizing Laptop ingame - Raid app Integrate steam profiles - Notifcations

This was just an idea and I hope Facepunch or Gary would consider looking into further. This will make things more interesting. No one likes to be offline raided, it’s more fun to put up a good fight against raiders!

Let me know what you think,



Agree :DD

Are you really that worried to lose your base while you are doing more important things like living in the real world?

EDIT: Also this got suggested several times before.

This is something for the mod community, but I really, really would not want to see “features” like that in vanilla.

Security system like that would only benefit bigger groups, the one that can actually loot the components, and not the solo/small groups, that have most problems with offline raid.
Second point is - Mobile notifications don’t mean nothing if you’re a solo player, and you can’t login because you’re in school, at job, or just sleeping.

Only proper way to stop offline raid is to have a mechanism that will protect player buildings when they’re offline.

I’ve build such a system, in a Plugin set that every server owner that wants it can download at Pluton Plugin pages

Hi Pan, DMT here… Guys this plugin works a treat! It is live on the server I play on.

They could also add a button to the app that let’s you dump all loot in chests within building privilege

Despawning loot is for cowards, if you despawn your loot you deserved to be raided.

It’s true, but what about the time spent in game gathering resources you know? This would give you chance to rush into the game and participate in some way.

Offline raid protection system is easier because you dont need to do anything as a player to have it working and it expires if you do not login for 24 hours.

You are also still raidable for about 30 mins or so after logging off. Pan does the 30 minutes extend from the last damage done to a players building?

Example (if you can be raided up to 30 mins after logging off):
Player 1 logs off
Player 2 shoots base after 15 minutes
Base is raidable for 45 mins?

Looks like somebody wasted a lot of c4 for nothing.

What does that mean?

He is saying you got butthurt when you raided someone who despawned the loot I believe :slight_smile:

I just do not understand why people do not search for topics. This is and has been a topic for a couple of years. Of course, with nothing to show for it.
It was at one time on Legacy an option as there were notifications but Garry didn’t care for em (not really sure if that was the case,just assuming) I guess and it was scratched.

How would that make you a coward? I’ve never done it myself as I haven’t been online raided in well over 6 months, but i don’t understand how that is in anyway cowardly. If anything that would make you smart, you can’t keep that gear any longer, so why let the people raiding you take it if you can stop them from getting it?

It’s just a flaw in the current game mechanics, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it as an absolute last resort.

If you despawn your stuff you are just a bad loser.

Hahaha sounds like a brilliant idea mate!

Nah I’d prefer you keep waking up finding your base in shambles and then crying yourself back to sleep OP.
pro-tip: there is plenty of ways to stash away loot safely.

i think it’s a perfectly legitimate tactic to raze your stores to the ground to prevent the enemy getting them. not only does it waste their resources and NOT give them a whole bunch of gear, it might make them reconsider wasting said resources on you again.

we aren’t loot spawns guys, work for your rewards; you are lucky i can’t shit in the water supply, and set the house on fire with you in it.