So in my experience playing Rust in highly populated servers, I have always seen lots of abandoned wooden shelters that pop up EVERYWHERE. Today, I thought of a way to rid ourselves of this problem…

My idea is something along the lines of durability. Wooden shelters will have a clock (say 24 hours before they collapse), but along with this clock, repairs can be done to your shelter to prolong its inevitable demise (I feel around 10-20 wood would work for repairs). This way, you can still utilize your wooden shelter for ‘x’ amount of time while you begin building you sturdy home, or you can use only your shelter while you fight to survive.

Along with this idea, can there be durability added to full wooden houses? (platforms, posts, barricades, ect.)? It would be difficult judging the clock for the durability of a full wooden home, maybe having one clock on the entire structure (the more pieces, the longer the clock), and the larger the structure, the more wood/steel it would require to repair. With this, people with larger homes will require more resources to keep their home standing up, but their structure will take longer to collapse on its own.

When we come across wooden spike walls and whatnot, their durability could be judged on both time and usage. Let’s say for example your small spike wall you just crafted will last 48 hours without repairs or it will collapse when it deals 1500 damage to any player/entity.

These are just my thoughts for keeping servers clear of abandoned structures from players who hop on for an hour, leave structures half-built and never play on that server again as opposed to players who religiously play on only that server trying to create a large effective house.

Any thoughts?

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I wasn’t aware if this was a definite feature or not, at least it doesn’t seem that way at the moment. Maybe just have the clocks adjusted to a shorter time limit that what they are now? Make it a point that a wooden shelter will not last forever because at this point, they might as well.

Look up decay.

Basic principle:

Buildings slowly lose health.
Starting from the top floor and moving down.
Doors seem to run on a different timer as they all decay at the same rate (give or take).

Supposedly, opening and closing doors reduces their decay (Unverified)
However, lighting a fire within a dwelling prevents decay on adjacent walls (Verified)

Wooden shelters, the little huts nakeds make, decay in 8 hours if nobody interacts with them

However, one fireplace will completely refill the hut’s health in about… 3-5 wood worth of burning.

Regular dwellings decay after around 4 days, again, unless if they have a fire in them, which can extend them indefinitely.

To manually repair a building, place the material it is made from on your action bar, then hit the corresponding button while facing a decayed wall.
If nothing happens, the wall is at full health or you are using the wrong material.