Idea for Removing Building Parts

So I was thinking today like I usually do and I thought it would be cool to instead of just getting to remove our building parts to find a rare tool or item that is only a 1 time use that allows you to remove one building component. This would be the next best thing to collect in the game and would be found in air drops or other rare parts of the map.


They are working on the ability to remove/undo your building mistakes, etc., but their biggest problem right now is to have a systematic way of determining what is your house.

For example does having a door make it yours? Then I blow open your door and replace it with mine, now I remove the rest of your base to get around to your loot.
Another, does owning the foundation make it yours? Then no one can take over buildings, you could bait out new players with foundations to build on, only to return for a free raid later.

You can follow the Trello card too:

My 2 Cents concerning building. I’m gonna put this in a bullet point so its easier to see.

Foundation: If placed, It’s yours, but can’t be removed if there’s anything on it.

Walls: Once placed it’s yours

Pillars: Once placed it’s yours

Ramp/Stairs: Once placed, yours

Ceiling: Once Placed, Yours

Doorway: The one that placed it, It’s theirs but like the foundation, if there is a door on it it can not be removed. Door ownership is to who placed the door.

Window: Same as Doorway