IDEA for rust! night monsters

Hello, I am using a translator, in my text may be an error, I want to convey to you an idea, I will tell it in the form of a short story. Imagine the morning, bright light, you go out of the house,
are going to travel, to find the animals, trees, rocks, produced all this … there is a cave, you go in and hear horrible screams and you see something like running at
You run out of the cave, and then notice how the sun goes below the horizon, you run home with all forces, all around is covered with darkness, you hear the screams of the night … almost envelop

Here you can see my house! you run to it but is trying to catch up to you! you open the door to enter the house and hear as something beating on doors all over …
Night monsters, I think it would be a good idea to Rust, this will complicate the game and make it interesting! I hope you listen to my opinion, the best of luck! Leesty

Hello! I also thought about something different and more dangerous than bears, wolfes and other players. Something dark and mysterious, lurking through the woods. Watching you at night from the hills. Whispering in the forest. Sometimes, when you stand on top of your base, in the middle of the night, you can see red eyes, twinkle through the leaves.
The patrol helicopter is nice. But you need more. Like the old zombies. But it has to be more dangerous, than the zombies. You have to hear it whispering in the night and scratching on your basedoors. You need goosebumps every night you walk outside. The sound setting of the game is really impressive, wolfs howling at night, owls… But there is no concrete danger around! Rust is perfect for some mutations. And monsters in the night will get Players together. Build bases to protect the community for monsters and go on the hunt together :slight_smile:
It’s still a survival game and you need a reason to survive. Other players are not really a reason, because if they are friendly or you know enough of pro gamers on server, there is no challenge anymore. And the raiding Part is too big… So you need something that will hunt for every players life. And that everybody want to survive. A danger/menace for every player.

What next poltergeists that u have no defence against? Lol

Nah… Poltergeists just throwing things around. They don’t hurt you physically. :smiley:

I have all but given up hope for any kind of PVE from this POS

They could have a spinoff, “Rustvania” if you will, with the monster/zombie PvE. Enough players seem to want it, so there’s a PvE element to the game.