idea for rust!!

This is mainly for Garry but I have a pretty good idea. lets say there’s a AK in your hot bar, and you haven’t shot anything yet, but when you shoot once, across from the durability bar there’s a red bar witch is sort of like the condition bar as if the more you shoot your gun and the less you clean it the worse your gun will perform in battle/hunting, then eventually if left un care it will jam and not work at all, thanks Garry please take this into consideration

IMO this would take away a lot of the fun in gun gameplay.

I really, really like this idea. It would force people to measure their behavior. It would simply be that the lower the durability of a gun, the wider its cone of fire + adding in jamming that might start at happening at certain durability marks and become more common the lower that mark goes. Certain guns could be more reliable.

I see something like this adding a lot to combat (especially paired with the unique effects for hit-locations (shots in legs might cripple, armshots might disable weapon-use, ect…)). There’s nothing wrong with more depth!
I think that’s an awesome and simple idea.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea,something like having to keep your main weapons in pristine condition.

Your stone spear might just turn into a wooden spear after losing too much durability,your hunting bow will turn into a stick if not properly maintained,ammunition consuming weapons might just explode along with jamming at terribly low conditions.