idea for steam items in Rust

Sorry for my bad English.
Imagine. All items are obtained as before. However, no study table.

All recipes you can not get in the game, they are obtained as the steam subject to inventory steam during a stay in the game (such as a team fortress 2 15-30minut - one random recipe or box with a key with a rare recipe). Recipes are trading on the trading floor.

Cons - small imbalance
Pros attracting a huge number of players at the expense of steam resale items. The ability to enter the store - Rust. The possibility to introduce a lot of new things and people will strive to get them in the game, and buying key Rust

So you would rather they add micro transactions then just put the content into the game for all to have acess?

garry was going to do this, about 10-15 devblogs ago, but people didnt like it and a backlash of hate was spread