Idea for tf2 ragdolls

Alright, so everyone has been making these TF2 ragdolls of the team members only they have different color uniforms. Here’s my idea, 2 of them anyway.

Why can’t we just make it to where they can use the color tool to color the clothes like the Vilo Scaletta figure in the toybox. Also, make them the fixed physics so they can actually move around better, unlike the ones that have been put up recently.

Wouldn’t this go in ?

Also, what is stopping you from trying it?

Ah, sorry.

Anyways, I don’t know what’s stopping me- oh wait, yes I do! I don’t know diddly about making ragdolls, I hardly made a drum model, I had to get help from a friend of mine to finish it.

I know someone who was making colorable tf2 ragdolls. I don’t know what happened to them though.

Did they say if they were going to fix the physics?