Idea for the loading screen

I don’t know if this is possible but while a person is joining a server and downloading files, they should play a mini-game while they wait or something… Maybe pong? or something simple just to pass the time while downloading a lot of files… Just a suggestion.

Not much of a possibility, I’m sure that a very large portion of system resources are being put to use loading the map in the first place. Also hopefully it shouldn’t be taking you so long to load a map to the point where you want to play a mini game, at most it should only be a minute or two.

Play in window, launch pong, win.

I agree. It can take several minutes for me to join a server with several hundred files to download, so so sort of minigame would be fun.

Pong? Surely not. How about having the files you’re downloading appear at various places in the screen and give you the ability to shoot them - although I have to admit it would use up system resources. Maybe optional disabling?

Completely possible. Might write such a thing at some point in the future.

Run the game in windowed mode. Then you can do anything from indeed playing pong, or posting on Facepunch!

Personally, I just open the steam interface and play flash games/browse forums


2.Web Browser

3.Do whatever you want