Idea for The Thing Gamemode

Hi I am new to this forum and i wanted to ask:Is it possible to create a gamemode Based on John Carpenter’s The Thing 1982 ( watch it if you haven’t ).I sadly don’t have any knowledge on lua, but i have many great ideas.So i was thinking of a mod much similiar to TTT a.k.a Trouble In Terrorist Town, BUT players will start with one player selected as The Thing.He can only “thing-out” or transform when he is alone or is in danger : maybe some trigger i don’t know for sure maybe players have to tag him if he hasn’t transformed already and when he is tagged he auto-transforms.And maybe he can buy upgrades as the game progresses.The Round will be very long ( so the paranoia can be complete ) and The Thing player will have something like a power meter and when that meter is full he can transform but ONLY when he is in danger or alone with a player.The Game will end when all players are Things or The Thing has been wiped out.
The Reason i tought of this idea is because i didn’t quite like the Rambo-like style in TTT where one Traitor goes berserk and kills half the team without ANY paranoia.
So please help me and advice me.Also if you are interested in this you can help me and who knows, if this gamemode is done maybe it can one day become official like TTT.Also i originally posted this at the mods and addons section, but i realised this is not for that section its for this.

ideas guy ^^^

Yes, it is very possible.
No, we won’t code your gamemode for you.

Theres already something like that.

Yeah, thats exactly what Morbus is.

ok thanks