Idea for tool cupboard

So instead of being able to have tons of tool cupboards near each other effectively making rock bases unraidable, why not have the tool cupboard have a second range that denies the placement of additional tools cupboard. This would still allow you to place an additional one in the effective but by adding a smaller secondary range you would not be able to place alot of them together. This would enable raiders to target the tool cupboard with rockets on these so called unraidable rock bases or the ones that you elevators.
What do you think?

the problem is that they just put their cupboard on the second etage and just break their stairs evertime they leave. what makes the base unraidable. even if this will change those bases will still be unraidable

my solution to that is to use your head to determine the radius of the tool cupboard then count your steps till you determine the location of the tool cupboard. Then use rockets to blow it up. It shouldn’t be too hard if it’s only on the second floor. Half the time you can see it through the window. It doesn’t take that many arrows and bullets if you can see it. To be far it shouldt be super easy but last night our group raided alot of elevator bases and rock bases using similar techniques. however these ppl hadn’t placed multiple tool cupboards yet due to the wipe So it was still possible. And we just used bows, gunz, and 1 rocket and lots of twig towers.

I know but the problem is if They have a base with a cupboard on the 7th Floor instead of the second i mean its still possible to Raid but if everyone is gonna build like that it isn’t worth raiding anymore cuz you need more resources then you get

That’s the point of raiding. It’s the risk vs reward. If raiding is too easy then there won’t be any resources to raid since people won’t bother.

Its not all about resources, though-- half the time I’m not raiding for resources I’m trying to stamp out competitors.

If they have a 7 floor base then it should take a crazy amount of resources to raid. At some point it just is never going to be worth it. I think that’s okay. If someone has a solid design and has invested 7 floors worth of resources then it should be crazy hard to get the loot or even destroy the base. I should do a calculation of how many resources that is for building 7 floor structures. If it’s just wood then the rocket launcher will start blowing huge holes and might knock the whole thing down. what we also need is the loot to fall down if we knock the building down!