idea for UI and steam obtainable items

EDIT: Well Im an idiot, looks like they are already taking care of the skin picker idea------------------------------------

So it has occurred to me that the crafting system is posed to get very cluttered very quickly (honestly it already is a tad cluttered)

With the addition of the steam workshop and new skins for items being entirely separate items to create the list will grow quickly.

What if the variations for an item were all held in a subcategory that was only revealed when that item is selected.

So using the camo snow jacket as an example the list would look like this not selected:

And after the snow jacket is selected the optional skins for the snow jacket could appear like this:

Additionally you could then do skins rewards for things like the AK over steam but they can’t be used on a new server until that base blueprint is found and learned, keeping true to steam rewards not giving players power across servers.

this would be a very great addition since its getting kinda floppy in my inventory