Idea for when the game is more polished.

I had an idea while sitting with some friends in our shack at night time, we realized there isnt much to do at night except craft, so I thought of something to pass the time. Why not make a couple mini games able to be found/made, like a chess board, checkers, or even a deck of cards. So you find them and learn to craft them, and it gives you something to do at night time besides sit around. Of course its nothing you need in the game, its just an idea for something to add when the game is close to being finished. Any thoughts?

Khm… See this:

Deck of cards. Nice!

Get a flashlight and stop being a pussy

Or play Hide and Seek. :slight_smile:

It’s not even that, even for the RPG aspect of it, I like sitting in my base by a camp fire and smoking a cigarette, i wouldn’t mind being able to play a game of cards while doing it too.

Very interesting idea. I like it.