IDEA: Forge Gamemode

This is something I have thought about for a long time. It depends on something likely impossible.

Forge is a gamemode from Halo 3. It is basically GMods Sandbox, but with some minor differences. Forge’s main beneficial difference over GMod’s Sandbox is the editing, and relocation, of spawning props, and player_spawns.

Ideally, Forge would directly create a .BSP from data changed INGAME. I don’t know if it is possible to edit, or create, a BSP inside of the Source engine.

These are the two real questions:
Is it possible to change or create spawnpoints ingame using Lua or any other method?
Is it possible to edit or create a BSP from within the Source engine?

Forge mode is again, relatively the same to Sandbox aside from the spawns.(UI excluded)

I think I’d talk to/wait for this guy right here.

i remember hearing about a command that saved props and stuff to the bsp.
spawn points are actually easy to deal with, just make some ents that set the player above them when they spawn
and some other code to make it invisible / not solid at other times.

this can be done with just a little lua knowledge. (maybe some extra help, too.)

That would be really cool, i mean like epic I support this 100%


you can set player spawn points by making a team spawn at a certain vector. (Can’t really explain it well :P)

[lua]if ply:Team() == 1 then
ply:SetSpawnPoint() --I think this will work, if not just use ply:Spawn and find out how to loop it.
ply:SetPos ( Vector( -1025.21, -483.83, 724.70 ) ) --Area on a map of mine
ply:SetAngles ( Angle( -0.63, 89.07, 0.00 ) ) --Area on a map of mine

Loop (Guess)
[lua]if ply:Deaths() +1 and ply:Team() == 1 then
ply:SetPos ( Vector( -1025.21, -483.83, 724.70 ) )
ply:SetAngles ( Angle( -0.63, 89.07, 0.00 ) )[/lua]

These are console commands, not a gametype.

I don’t understand why you want this…
Forge is practically a worse version of Garrysmod without addons.
There are plenty of scripted entitys out there for changing the players spawn point and if you want to change the map then learn to use hammer. You will find creating maps from scratch to be more rewarding in the long run.

This is stupid. I can use hammer. And changing spawns with entities doesn’t matter if it doesn’t save as a bsp. And no, it isn’t a worse version of GMod, they aren’t the same. That is like saying Mac n Cheese is a worse version of speghetti because they are both pasta.

This is quite different from normal gmod. In Forge you must change to become a forerunner monitor and be able to be cannon fodder (Forge is usally a slayer match) while spawning you object and then becoming a spartan and using your object(s)

Problem is that Forge would require some kind of gamemode. There’s no point in making a Forge gamemode for the sandbox gamemode.

you know, this isn’t a terrible idea.

Some people find mapping via Hammer to be too complicated. Making a lua-driven level editor that can save levels would be cool for the newbs. One could implement a simple dm,tdm,ctf, or capture mode that people could play their maps on.

You could even have an online repository, where people could share their work & have it rated, and have the map-vote pull maps from there.

It’s probably too much work to pull off, but it’s definitely interesting to think about.

I don’t see the point in exporting to bsp, because you can’t create brushes in-game anyway. it would be easier to have a template bsp, and you could place props/ents to build your map on it, and those would be saved/loaded from a more simple text file.