Idea: Freedom Fighters RP

While playing Freedom Fighters again a while ago, I thought that it would generally make a good RP.


Three factions: The Russian Military (and respective divisions), The Freedom Fighters, and civilians.

Unlike other RPs, joining the Freedom Fighters isn’t just clicking a button. To join you need to make connections ICly to join it.

A map of New York (or gm_bigcity would work, sort of) and outlying islands (Governor’s island, Liberty island etc…)

Terrorist tactics: no random DMing in the streets, everything must be conducted in a professional way (or at least organized in the case of the FF)

What is Freedom Fighters?

Freedom Fighters was a sleeper hit of the previous generation. It is about the Resistance movement in New York after Soviet Russia invaded and occupied the USA. The game takes you on a guerilla fight on the streets of New York against the Russians.

Ideas/suggestions/comments are obviously smiled upon.

It’s not hard too start Freedom Fighters on Dark RP Servers. Presently players start Hobo Unions ,and occasionally some Rebellions against Admins.

If I remember correctly, a group of players(Including a friend of mine) got bans ranging from 2 months to 1 year for destroying the admins base on HL2Land ,and causing a civil war. Some tensions are still rising from that >_>

Jihad Jade!

But Darkrp is shit.

This has made me lose interest in this forum all together. Hate to say it ,but it looks like your making another, “Dark RP SPITEFEST!” Gamemode. I wish you luck though.

just because you say its good doesn’t mean it is.

No, it’s the overal success and popularity rate that DarkRP has, not to mention how utilized it is.

And even though it’s highly not recommended it is also the closest beginning door step for any Lua Coder.

Yeah, I learn tons from working with it, even though I may not be new, only that I haven’t bothered getting too much into it.

And to all the elitist pricks out there (No, this is unrelated to you, JoeSkylynx, this is for the others who yappers on DarkRP), keyword to make it work:


Yes, do this. That way you don’t have pepole joining a faction and not knowing anything about the story or how to roleplay for that matter (Unless you don’t want you.)

I was saying in the post that to join the Freedom Fighters, you must join ICly, and have a moderate amount of playing time.

Same for the soviets.

Bullshit, the first people to become Freedom Fighters or Soviets will totally ignore the citizens, except their steam friends of course.

Fuck yes, I loved freedom fighters.

There will only be 2 Freedom Fighters at the start, and 3 Soviets.

All will be trusted RPers.