Idea! Game web panel for players.

I had an idea, and if you make a site server and not just a website, namely a game pad.
Where the player will be able to do something with the server, let’s make a TP to his friend.
You can also automate the system of donations from the players, I think many would like to make it work itself.
The player went to the site, made ​​a donation and got loot automatically without your intervention.

I’ve already started doing this idea, but poduchal, wondering whether it will be for the players and if they need it?

Sorry for my english: (Google promt.

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I’m not much mistaken section = (
Excuse me …

pay to win?

if the player so chooses.
I think it is no secret that many servers have a system of donations.

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At the moment I did the following:
Opportunity to make the player tp another, limit 5 teleports per day.
Administrator the ability to make teleport player to player.
Opportunity to give the player a ban through the site. For the administrator.
Opportunity to kick a player from the server through the website. For the administrator.
The ability to receive any loot in the right Seattle Administrator.

All actions are logged admins and players.
Plus, the server does not need any plug-rights issue occurs in real time, on the side of the site by means rcon.