Idea | Giving Permission To Other Players

One problem i have noticed on streams and that you have to have a friend to open a door into a building. Is there going to be a way to give other players permission to open and close doors?

maybe an option like you said to allow …but i think it remains kinda pvt what if someone turns on you or friends ya just to take all your stuff. but i agree an option to allow permissions would be neat

Of course this will come at some point :v: in what form, no one knows yet.

That’s the risk you’ll have to take if it’s not someone you directly know, as in, off of skype or other games who’s playing with you.

Personally, I do like the idea and do support it, and knowing if it’s someone you meet in the game who could turn on you and just take everything, adds to the thrill of the already hostile environment. :o

They should make it so you could create a group and invite players to it and all players in that group would be allowed to access your doors.

What about having name tagged keys for your doors? So if you want to open even your own door, you need to have the key. You could make copies of the key for friends, but if you are kille with your keys on you, they’re lootable so someone, if they know which house is yours, could get in. It’d add some danger and risk to the game.

I was thinking about this earlier, what i came up with (in my mind) is an ingame “friends list” tab besides the crafting and the other ones where you can add friends and if you want to give him access to the door you can just scroll while looking at the door and an option would come up that you could hit named “share” or “give permission” to a player in your friends list.

Maybe keys? Could only be crafted by the owner but if given to the friend and friend dies could be looted

It would be better for friends / gang members / clan members to build their own rooms with their own doors. Make an area for them to build, easy way into the main building, but can’t get into anyone Else’s room, storage, and whatnot. This will allow them and no one else, unless the door got broken into, to be able to access their room.

You can make door keys and give them to your friends :smiley: sorry if this has been said, only read the first post.