[IDEA] GMelee: Street Fighter + Gmod

I was thinking the other day about a Gmod Game-mode where its like Street Fighter. Only instead of the 1St person camera view, you can use a side scrolling camera view, much like your average fighting game. (excuse the post icon, there was nothing for an idea…)


Instead of choosing a boring pre-made character for you to play with I was thinking that you can make your character with some creative flair, thanks to CapsAdmin for this epic tool (http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=887940). And using this awesome tool, can you create a fighter of your liking


The fighting in this Game-mode will be fast-paced with a mixture of classic, what I mean by that is, that for example the Z key is the Kick button classically that will just give you one kick, however press it 3 times and your character will execute a 3-hit kick combo same goes for punching. If you wish to execute a more elaborate but stronger move I thought up of something what will make fighting with cool moves MUCH easier. Plus there are 5 fighting styles each with their own move sets but ill only name 3 here so players aren’t confused: Martial, Brutal and Street

Say that I would wish to execute a powerful punching move but it needs at least 3 buttons pressed, so here is what I thought up. These 2 moves are from the Martial fighting style.

Focus Time (AKA Combo Execution)========================================

Punching Move: Dragon Uppercut> HOLD X Key, Down, Right (depends where you are facing), Up
Kicking Move: Rising Hurricane> HOLD Z Key, Up, Right, Right (depends where you are facing)

You can also keep the button held to follow-up your move with more powerful attacks. Advanced moves might require you to hold the Punch and Kick keys together and press the directional keys, it might get difficult to master but the effects are devastating. Just say that the first button is X, the first attack in that combo will be a punch, same goes for Z if its a kick move first. This move is from the Brutal fighting style

Twin Move: Winding Strike> HOLD X & Z, Right, Right, Up, Down

The C key is used for Throwing moves, its works the same way as the rest of the moves.

You might be asking, “where the f**k is air combat?!”, don’t worry I am including it, and Throwing moves will play a big part in it.

Blocking is simply done by moving away from your opponent.

Movement and Maps--------------------------------------------------------

Movement in GMelee is very simple, just press the movement keys to move in that direction, and tap twice to sprint… Fly… Hover, whatever. In maps however (custom made maps for THIS game-mode) there may be a crate or object in your way, you can jump on the crate and use it to your advantage, but they can be destroyed so look out.


There are multiple matchmodes for your entertainment.

Sparring: Hone your skills to thrash your next opponent, you can also use AI to put your moves to use!

Duel: Like Death-match, but if 6 people join 2 people take the stage then if one person wins from the duel he wins that duel and gets put on the leader board like so… 6 players: Jim, Bob, Greg, John, Corey and Kyle (sorry, couldn’t make up any better)

Jim> Jim VS Bob -> Jim

Greg> Greg VS John -> Greg

Corey> Corey VS Kyle -> Kyle

So as you see it works like a tournament. Sorry if my digram is dodgy.

Team-Duel: Same as before, but on a team.

Arena: Think of it as a Super Mario Smash Bros. Brawl Match. Can have 4 people at once on a scaled map or 4 VS. 4 team action

Capture the Flag: CTF Melee style! To capture the flag just do a simple punch move, but if the opposing team hits you once you drop the flag!

Capture the Hill: If all of your team dominates the hill, score starts to count towards your bar, but it works like tug-of-war, If the RED team captures the hill the score will inch over to their side but when BLUE comes around and beats RED’s ass silly, the bar will revert from RED to BLUE.

Other Stuff---------------------------------------------------------------

If you want to rock out while thrashing your opponent I was thinking about a MP3 plugin. Still working on a logo. So far this is just an idea, but if someone can find me a animation tool that works with Valve games and so fourth, that would be greatly appreciated. Also if I get my stuff together and maybe focus on something for once this might get published.

Well that’s about it, if you want to give me any pointers, links or just some praise feel free to post below, and give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, that’s right trolls… You heard me… CONSTRUCTIVE.