IDEA: Items, BP and research in Rust

So we all know the current methods of getting items and BPs is a little wonky. Every Rust day, we have a military cargo plane that flies overhead and gives us a supply drop. This drop contains basically the same crap items that we can craft, assuming we already have the BP.

When you think about this, it really makes no sense. Why would a military cargo plane drop a box with home-made shovel AKs and other cobbled together goods? The same applies to rad sites crates. Why would the loot be the same crap that we can already craft? As a placeholder, this works, I guess. But now that we have research being added, we could actually take this a step further and make an actual progression system out of it.

What if the air drops were to drop ACTUAL weapons rather than cobbled together ones? So for weapons, you’d get a proper AK, Thompson, revolver, launcher, etc… These weapons would have the same performance as our cobbled together ones, but last longer - like perhaps 2-3x as long? BUT… once it breaks, it can’t be repaired.

Now here’s where we take it a step further. These could be the only items that get researched. You have to find one of these pristine items, research it (perhaps it would have to be unused), and perhaps with a chance system, you could get a BP that would allow us to make our existing home-made items we now have. BPs for items like clothing, axes, etc could still come from barrels, or rad towns, but for weapons, this could be a good way to avoid rapid proliferation early in the game.

Anyway, just an idea I had and have thrown around to other friends. Most seem to actually like the concept. I’m sure something like this could be improved and would need some balancing, but what do you all think about it?

I like this idea, sounds like it would keep airdrops as a resource to be competed over for items and add a level of realism to the game.

Thinking about the game, why would a military drop something that looks make-shift?

This would add a challenge to the game

I already suggested, to have better non-crafted weps mainly for giving purpose for stalking over farming, as we have gone way too age of empires.

i definitely agree with the idea of looting non-craftable gear. maybe by repairing them, they get downgraded to “our” version; for example a proper ak becomes the shovel ak when repaired, and loses the dp buff for being the real deal.

either way, lootable only gear would put some value back into the rad sites/airdrops.